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Weekends Upstate

by krismkoch

One of our favorite things to do in the fall and winter is go to Andrew’s parents house upstate. The house is right on a private lake in the middle of nowhere and it’s a perfect place to rest and recharge. It’s also nice to have space for Dakota and James to run around and explore. We went up a few weeks ago to help prep the house for winter and everything was just on the cusp of winter. The leaves were cold and wet and blanketing the ground, the lake wasn’t frozen over but was too cold even for Dakota to dip her toes in, and the air was crisp.  It was also the perfect weather to layer up in my favorite fall pieces before the parka and heavy sweaters come out. I love excuses to wear my outdoor gear because around Manhattan, I just don’t get that many opps. And really, I’ll take any excuse to wear my rain boots.


I’m wearing; Barbour Coat; J Brand jeans; Vince turtleneck sweater; J.Crew Quilted vest; Hunter Boots

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