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Weekend Reads (No. 1)

by krismkoch

I am starting a new weekly column as a way to house all the great reads I come across during the week but don’t have time to share. I find on weekends, whether I’m watching TV while James naps, driving somewhere or enjoying some pool or beach time, I’m often perusing for things to look at besides the black hole of Instagram, so I thought, if you’re like me, you might enjoy these highlights from around the web as well. Le t me know what you think and anything else you’d like to see me cover here.

How to Get Stains out of Literally Everything* I’m totally bookmarking this for next time Andrew, James or I spill, which happens every .5 seconds.

Since having a baby, I feel like I have a permanent fupa (is that even how you spell it?) so I’m leaning into one pieces this summer. I love this round up of the top rated one pieces.

I’ve always found kids furniture a secret hack for furnishing apartments. You can find pieces that would work just as well in “adult” rooms and usually the children’s version tends to be smaller (so more apartment friendly) and cheaper. Love this round up from Apartment Therapy of kids furniture that works for adults.

New gluten-free rolls I’m going to be heading over to Whole Foods to grab and try.

I’ve been considering cutting carbs to help me lose some extra lbs. This new strategy of cutting carbs after 2:30pm seems like a nice compromise and something that could work/I could stick to.

I’ve been loving following Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere’s journey to cleaning out her closet. I’m inspired to some closet cleaning myself.


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