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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

by krismkoch

Valentine’s Day is kind of a BS holiday IMO, but, that doesn’t mean Andrew’s off the hook. I still want some romance and surprise. Plus, it’s pretty much the only thing to look forward to all winter once the holidays are over, so I like to make it special. We’re going to go away right after Valentine’s Day since it’s a long weekend, so we’ll have a slightly belated celebration, but I also like to do a dinner, even if it’s just getting pizza in the hood. Since we’re old af now and no longer can stay up past the early bird special, I feel like it’s also a fun holiday for special gifts, especially if we can’t find a sitter. My mom used to give us cute Valentine’s Day gifts and my dad always finds a great card, so it always made it feel a little more special. Plus, I love any excuse to find a cute, thoughtful gift and plan something special. Here are some of my fave Valentine’s gifts for anyone really (hint, hint).

From top right:

Red nightgown

Initial Necklace

Mini Wallet

Lace Underwear

Leopard Print Clutch

Tassle Earrings

Red Pumps

Gold Bangle

Pink Pajama Set

I also love a beautiful scarf, a silk pillowcase is practical and luxurious at the same time, this pretty necklace,  dainty diamond hoop earrings and this adorable robe.


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