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Cutest Winter Clothes for Toddler Boys (AKA Everything I’m Buying James Rn)

by krismkoch

It quickly skipped from fall to winter-like temps here, and I’m realizing that James’ wardrobe consists mostly of shorts and T-shirts. Despite an Indian summer that has lasted into October, it feels like cooler temps are officially here to stay and my poor baby is going to freeze his butt off if I don’t do some more shopping, especially since he’s already outgrown a lot of the clothes I got him for fall. There are so many cute options right now, that this has actually been fun although it’s crazy how fast all those toddler clothes rack up — and they grow out of them so fast! But I’m only saying what every mama knows, so I know I’m preaching to the choir here. I want to invest in a few cute items that I know he’ll wear on repeat and well, because I deserve to enjoy dressing my child while I still can, but I also found a bunch of affordable finds that I won’t be sad if he outgrows them before the holidays. And so far, my favorite stores to shop for boy clothes are not disappointing — there are so many cute options that my cart is full at like every store and I am having trouble narrowing down the list (hence, the blog post — I figure I’ll feel better about cutting it down, if I share all of my favorite toddler winter clothes with you). But please help me narrow down the list because I am so bad at that.


From top left:

Red and Navy Striped Sweater

Rudolph Sweater

Giraffe Sweater

Striped Leggings

Penguin Cardigan

Truck Shirt

Knit Sweater and Pants Set

Penguin Sweatshirt

Hat and Mittens Set

Lined Cords

Striped Sweater

Cable Knit Sweater

Reindeer Sweater

 Fair Isle Mittens

Fair Isle Beanie

Also Love:

These Rocket Ship Pants

This adorable Snowman Hat

This Fun Beanie

These Plaid Lined Navy Chinos

These Suede Boots

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