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Three Year Old Gift Ideas

by krismkoch

James is turning three in September (tear), which means I’ll not only be shopping for him but all his friends who will also be turning three. We’ve already had the three-year-old birthday party circuit start, so I’ve been researching cool gift ideas for three year olds.

I don’t know why it’s so hard to shop for little kids, but I never know what to get James or his peers, probably because he’s my first child. I can tell you exactly to get a one year old or two year old or newborn, because I now know what toys, books and gear actually get used. But, I enlisted the help of my mom tribe (and the stuff my almost three year old is loving rn), and compiled a list of the best gifts for three year olds.

From top left:

Balance Bike

Toddler Helmet

Toy Smoothie Maker

Toddler Digital Camera


Dog Vet Set

Golf Set

Truck Set

Magnetic Building Blocks

Drum Set

Tool Kit Work Bench

Train Table

Inflatable Jump and Slide

Paw Patrol Fire Truck

Alpha Robots

Dinosaur Toys and Books

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