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The Perfect Summer to Fall Transitional Dress

by krismkoch
summer maternity outfits

Yep, I’m still pregnant and still getting bigger by the day (which I didn’t think was possible but, oh wait, it is!). So I’m not the best model at the moment, but I wanted to share this amazing summer to fall transitional dress with you. I hate how as soon as it’s August, it’s like summer is over and every retailer is showcasing plaids, furs, and suede. Sorry, but it’s still a million degrees out, the pool is still open, there are still beach days left to be had, and school hasn’t started for our family at least. But then I start to feel weird wearing my super summery dresses, especially after Labor Day when the weather is always still really hot, but it’s unofficially fall… at least by the fashion calendar.

I’m not usually a red dress kind of girl, but I love how the color makes this dress work for fall but the pretty eyelet pattern means it can also work right now and it’s not too heavy for hot August days. I also love how it fits my bump and will be great for hiding my post-partum pooch after I give birth.

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