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The Best Travel Stroller

by krismkoch
best travel stroller

I own a lot of strollers. More than I care to admit. I had dreams of being a minimalistic parent, but in pinches, I have ordered everything from strollers to bouncy chairs and the gear stacks up. When it comes to strollers, I’ve learned the hard way that different strollers serve different purposes, so it’s important to understand how and where you’ll be using it before purchasing. Let my mistakes help you when choosing the best travel stroller, because strollers are not cheap. And when you’re flying or road tripping and sightseeing and all that, having the best travel stroller is a game-changer. And after testing quite a few strollers while traveling with the kids, I will say that the YoYo is hands down the best travel stroller ever, especially if you plan to fly a lot with the kids.

I have tried umbrella strollers (we like the McClaren) and convertible strollers (we had the UppaBaby) as well as the most lightweight double stroller (the BabyJogger Citi Mini) and while I’ve liked them all for their own uses, the only one I have found that is easy to travel with is the BabyZen YoYo stroller. It folds up so that you can stick it in the overhead compartment of an airplane (so you don’t have to gate check it and waste 20 minutes waiting for it while your kids scream and run away). It packs up small for car trips, and it’s really easy to fold and carry. In fact, it’s super lightweight and has a shoulder strap so you can basically carry it like a purse, which is clutch if you’re sightseeing or traveling around from place to place. (It also makes it great for carrying up and down stairs, but also shared more tips for dealing with a stroller and stairs here.) Some strollers are lightweight or fold up well but they are a pain to actually use. The YoYo is so easy to maneuver, it’s comfortable for the kids, and works for both my four year old and my one year old. It doesn’t have a ton of storage underneath (I can fit my purse and maybe some snacks or small diaper bag), but it has tons of accessories and attachments you can use (including a ride along board for an older child) to add additional space if you need. There’s also an infant bassinet attachment if you have a bitsy one.

I truly can’t say enough good things about the YoYo — it’s truly the best travel stroller. It’s not cheap, but it’s a great everyday stroller too, so if you think you’ll be traveling a lot, it would be a good option to use as your main stroller and then you don’t have to have a garage filled with strollers like me.

best travel stroller

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