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  • It’s the classic summer topper, but a denim jacket always makes me feel so middle school every time I wear one. Which is why I always end up tossing my jean jacket on the floor along with the hundred outfits I’ve just tried on. But what always draws me to my trust old denim jacket is the fact that I know it’ll go with whatever I’m wearing, and adds a laid-back cool factor to balance out my go-to work dresses and skirts. But I’m starting to get inspired to get over my denim jacket hang-ups after seeing so many street stylers and celebs own the look lately. Deep thoughts right now, people. But maybe it’s still middle school and maybe that’s a good thing now? Kind of like normcore, but now it’s what’s childish is now chic. Or maybe the jean jacket loses its tweeny-bopper vibes when worn by a “grown up”. Or perhaps it’s just all about how you style a denim jacket that makes all the difference (probably). Seeing how these bloggers and street stylers style their denim jackets makes me want to break mine out again right now.

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