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The Perfect Beach Dress

by krismkoch

I’d like to pretend I’m the type of person who wears cute dresses all the time, when I’m gardening (and that I garden, lololol), shopping, chasing after James. But the truth is, I am usually in  jeans and a tee, sweats, or something gross with some undefined substance on it. I know other moms who always seem to look cute so I can’t really blame motherhood, but it’s just that I like to be comfy when I’m just running around playing with James and frankly, I dress up for work so I guess I like to take a break. But this summer, it’s been so hot that on weekends, we practically live at the beach, pool or park, and I’ve actually found myself living in beach dresses a lot more. They’re easy to throw on and just wear at the beach straight to dinner or the grocery store or to the backyard to BBQ. While strapless isn’t normally my style, I love how it helps me avoid weird tan lines so I can wear it over my suit while running around the beach or pool or eating lunch, and it makes it easy to dress up if we decide to go out to dinner after and I don’t have time/energy  to change. Ps: My dress is on ridiculous sale (over 70% off) so scoop it up now and I promise you’ll wear it on every vacation and again next year.


J.Crew Beach Dress; Ancient Greek Sandals (old but similar here)

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