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Mid-Summer Sale Picks for Kids

by krismkoch
summer kids sale clothing 2020

Okay, I know this is going to be controversial, but whenever there are good kids clothing sales at the end of a season, I’ll buy a bunch of clothes for James and Charlotte for the next year . Other moms have warned me that this is foolish because you can’t anticipate how much your kids will grow, but since we typically take a few trips to Florida during the winter (and hopefully, we’ll get to some other warmer destinations this year), I feel pretty okay about it. (I learned the hard way that it’s best to stock up on summer clothes for kids when they’re on sale and in stock when trying to find a swimsuit for Charlotte last November.) I also find summer clothes tend to get the most beat up by my kids, so I love buying things like shorts and bathing suits in bulk when they’re on sale.

Plus, when it comes to summer clothes, I find my kids don’t actually grow out of them that fast. James has been wearing the same shorts he wore last year for most of this summer. And for a hilarious mom hack, I have Charlotte wearing some of her too-small dresses as tops because I’m in denial that my baby is getting so big. 

There are so many good sales happening right now, especially on summer clothes for kids. I have been taking advantage and stocking up on some summer toddler and baby clothes for James and Charlotte for next year — plus, a few things they can wear now as well. I always get asked for kids’ clothing recs, so I wanted to share my finds, including lots of under $10 shorts and under $15 bathing suits.

summer kids sale clothing 2020
summer kids sale clothing 2020
summer kids sale clothing 2020
summer kids sale clothing 2020

From top left:

Pastel Plaid Shorts

Blue and White Striped Shorts

Pink Seersucker Shorts

Mint Green Shorts

Blue Gingham Shorts

Light Blue Shorts

Whale Shorts

Blue Linen Shorts

Sailboat Bathing Suit

Navy and White Rashguard

Navy Long Sleeve Rashguard

Pink Checkered Shirt

Yellow and White Tee

Striped Sweatshirt

Purple Plaid Button-Up Shirt

Pink and White Striped Tee

Seersucker Pants

Boat Shoes

Pink Gingham Top

Pink Floral and Striped Bathing Suit

Blue Gingham Top

Blue and Yellow Romper

Blue and White Striped Bathing Suit

Purple Ruffle Cardigan

Blue Seersucker Romper

Floral Romper

Green Floral Swimsuit

Striped One-Piece

Red and White Gingham Romper

White Eyelet Shoes

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