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My Favorite Summer Clothes for Toddlers

by krismkoch
summer clothes for toddlers

I’m taking advantage of the Memorial Day sales to stock up on summer clothes for James and Charlotte. There are actually so many cute summer clothes for toddlers right now that shopping for the kids is loads of fun. I don’t know why, but it feels like all my favorite stores to shop for kids clothes have the cutest selections right now. Sometimes the kids will need something like shorts or sandals, and I’ll struggle to find cute options. Everything is either sold out or just not that cute. But that is definitely not a problem for summer 2021. In fact, I have to stop myself from going overboard, because realistically, they grow out of everything in a nanosecond.

I find it can be overwhelming when I’m shopping for the kids to narrow down the options and make sure I have everything they need for the season. You have to get creative if you want cute clothes outside the major retailers like the Gap’s and Zara’s of the world, and all those boutiques are hard to keep track of (even if most now offer online shopping). It can be especially hard to find summer clothes for toddlers when you need them because stores never stock enough and everything sells out fast. It feels like all the other toddler moms have their acts together long before I do, and buy up everything they need for the kids before summer even arrives. While that’s probably smart and less stressful, I enjoy the thrill of the hunt and waiting for sales (why buy full price, when literally everything goes on sale these days?).

If you’re a bit of a procrastinator like me (and/or looking for some good deals), and need help shopping for your kiddos this summer, here are all my favorite summer clothes for toddlers.

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