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Style Hack: Tie a Scarf Around Your Neck

by krismkoch

Looking for an easy way to upgrade any outfit inĀ  your closet? Tie a scarf around your neck. Yep, it’s as simple as that and really quite effective. It’s actually one of my favorite styling tricks ever (though I also love this style hack). Tie a scarf around your neck to upgrade a basic dress you’ve worn a million times or a plain tee or simple button-up. This sneaky styling trick that editors and stylists love will instantly elevate any outfit, and give it that Parisian chic vibe. It’s slightly unexpected, so it also has that ‘she’s so cool without trying’ vibe. Plus, neck scarves can range from super cheap to very expensive, making it an easy and potentially affordable way to breathe new life into the same old clothes that have been gathering dust in your closet this past year.

Neck scarves are rivaling masks as the must-have accessory right now. A neck scarf is perfect for adding a little something something to an otherwise basic outfit, and I love it as a chic alternative to the ’90s choker trend that’s been having a revival. Personally, I prefer the Parisian-chic feel of a silk scarf or even a bandana tied around the neck to the more goth-inspired reminder of my tragic teen years, and it’s far less basic than a statement necklace, which has had its day. Personally, I love the look of layered necklaces, but I just don’t find I ever have the time to deal with a lot of jewelry styling. I prefer the tie and done nature of a neck scarf.

Here are my favorite ways to tie a scarf around your neck and instantly upgrade your look.

choker scarf-hbz


choker scarf


choker scarf-

they all hate us

black maxi dress-slit-fringe scarf-bandana scarf-choker scarf-scarf tied around neck-hbz


choker scarf-scarf around neck-scarf tied around neck-spring outfit-australian fashion week-hbz


style hack, tie a scarf around your neck, choker scarf, emily weiss


night out-going out-all black-black pumps-black skinnies-neck scarf-

bad lands

black wide leg pants-grey coat-grey sweater-winter work outfit-scarf-printed scarf-scarf around neck-

fashion squad

paris fashion week street style fall outfits scarf blue coat puff sleeves coat dress jacket dress white oxford slit


suede jacket scarf leather

the styleograph

bow blouse-grey-scarf-black coat-pfw street style-


choker scarf, style hack, tie a scarf around your neck

who what wear

black maxi dress-scarf-skinny scarf-printed scarf-

the styleograph

nyfw-fall outfits-via -jeans-mens oxford shirt-classic-simple-scarf-weekend outfit


choker scarf, tie a scarf around your neck, style hack, maria duenas jacobs

collage vintage


style du monde



choker scarf, tie a scarf around your neck, red



twin fashion blog

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