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Style Hack: The Front Tuck

by krismkoch

I hate tucking in my shirt. Despite being raised in a “tuck in your shirt” house and preferring the polished look over the sloppiness of the untuck situation, I find it way too cumbersome and annoying. It never stays tucked in. It’s hard to keep it looking neat. It highlights my waist, which can be slimming but can also be uncomfortable on fat days (those days you feel fat for one reason or another even though you’re probably the same size you always are give or take a pound of water weight), and you constantly have to monitor it and keep tucking and re-tucking. That’s why I’m a huge fan of the front tuck. It’s like the best of both worlds. It highlights the waist in the most flattering way while giving you extra booty coverage and balancing out the hips. It isn’t supposed to be perfect but it’s much easier to re-tuck. And let’s face it, the back is always the half that comes un-tucked and is the most awkward to re-tuck in public, so why even bother? The front tuck adds just enough polish without the annoyances of the full tuck. I am still learning how to master this skill, so I gathered tons of inspo for how to front tuck your shirt.

As you can see, it’s chic and easy. It looks more polished than no tuck but more casual and less straight edge than a total tuck. I like that it makes a longer or bigger shirt feel more put-together. In fact, it makes even the slobbiest of outfits suddenly look polished. It’s pretty hard to mess up. But to help you, check out these ideas and inspiration for how to front tuck your shirt.

culottes-block heels-ladylike heels-baby blue-denim shirt-front tuck-chambray shirt-brunch-weekend-work-spring-

simple et chic

oxford shirt-cropped jeans-boyfriend jeans-mom jeans-front tuck-weekend night out-

sania claus demina

ripped jeans-boyfriend jeans-rolled jeans-mens oxford shirt-front tuck-weekend-simple sandals-

mija flatau

style hack - the front tuck

vanessa jackman

the front tuck


the front tuck


the front tuck


the front tuck


weekend outfit-high waisted jeans-turtleneck-front tuck-tuked in sweater-camel-fall neutrals-weekend outfit-crossbody bag


black boots wedge boots givenchy boots tan leather jacket black tee half tuck leopard clutch -

luella & june

half tuck-weekend outfit-oversized sweatshirt-grey sweatshirt-belt-jeans-casual-via

collage vintage

chunky sweater-turtleneck sweater-ski sweater-mom jeans-cuffed jeans-ankle boots-jeans and booties-belt-tucked in sweater-front tuck-oversized sweater-sweater instead of coat-

refinery 29

over the knee thigh high boots jeans white oxford shirt tucked in shirt-white mens oxford weekend brunch fall via

a love is blind



half tuck-shopping-weekend-


half tuck-boyfriend jeans-night out-work-


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