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Style Hack: Pin A Brooch On

by krismkoch

Brooches remind me of my grandma. She was a huge fan, and now I own many of her fancy brooches. They always looked so elegant on her, but they always felt too old and grandma for me. Like what would I even wear them with? I’ve always thought I might add them to a dress for a party or some such, but honestly, they just sit at the bottom of my jewelry box collecting dust. But lately, I’ve been rethinking the oversized pin. I’ve been seeing the oversized Carrie Bradshaw flower pop up on street styler’s jackets, and more subtle pins adoring the shirts of some of my favorite bloggers recently. I love how it instantly upgrades any top and doesn’t at all feel dated when worn with fresh, modern pieces.

yasmin sewell-milan fashion week-frayed denim-trench coat-brooch-broach-flower broach-



poor little it girl





how to wear brooches, flower pin, alexa chung


mom jeans-high waisted mom jeans-mockneck turtleneck-grey blazer jacket-jacket on shoulders-pin-brooch-birks-birkenstocks-diletta bonaiuti-

style du monde


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