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Style Hack: Knot Your Button-Up Shirt

by krismkoch

Small styling tricks can make a huge differences. A small trick like knotting your shirt can update your go-to button-up shirt you’ve worn a million times. The old-school trick that I did back in middle school has returned, and I love how it instantly summerizes a button-down and gives it a fresh, flirty feel. Just leave a few buttons at the bottom undone, and knot it twice if you have room, and you’re good to go. Pair a knotted button-up shirt with everything from cutoffs and jeans for the weekend or a night out to high-waisted skirts and culottes for the office.

knot your shirt


knot your shirt

luella & june

mom jeans-knotted shirt-oxford-striped shirt-glove shoes--fringe

blame it on fashion

knotted shirt-sknot your shirt-white oxford shirt-pleated midi skirt-

fashion squad

white jeans-straw bags-knotted shirt-striped oxford shirt-gold slides-metallic-weekend outfit-work outfits-

fashiion gone rouge


who what wear



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