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Everything I’m Buying James for Spring

by krismkoch

I don’t know what we’re feeding him, but it feels like every day James gets bigger and bigger… and outgrows another drawerful of clothes. We’ve been lucky enough to inherit tons of hand-me-downs from James’ cousins but there hasn’t been a ton in the 18 month-2T range, probably because they blow through it so fast, and as fast as I’m buying him new clothes, he grows out of them. We’ve been stretching out his winter clothes even though they’re getting short and tight (sweaters or crop tops, it’s really a matter of perspective), because I just don’t want to buy him clothes that he’ll wear twice, so I’m excited that it’s finally warming up, and I can justify purchasing him some new spring and early summer clothes. There’s so much cute stuff too. Sometimes the boys’ clothes are a bit lacking, but I’m finding tons of cute options that I feel like I might have gone overboard. From seersucker rompers and cute overalls to adorable shorts and polos, I am super excited to start dressing James in something other than winter sweaters and coats.

From top left:

Blue Striped Shark Zip-Up Hoodie

Sailboat Polo and Seersucker Shorts

Navy Shark Cardigan

Green and Blue Striped Rashguard and Diaper Cover

Red Striped Embroidered Shark Overalls

Striped Sweater

Striped Shorts

Giraffe Shirt

Grey Striped Dino Shorts

Whale Tee

Whale Seersucker Romper

Navy Alligator Shirt

Navy T-Strap Shoes

Alligator Shorts

Anchor Sun Hat

Sailboat Swim Shorts

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