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Smart Buy: Uniqlo Robe Coat

by krismkoch

The unseasonably warm weather we’ve been experiencing this fall means extended sweater weather. It’s still too warm for winter coats and honestly, I haven’t had much use for my fall coats either on these 60 degree days, making a sweater coat the perfect option. It’s easily layerable so I can throw it over lighter options for when it gets warm and come winter weather, I can wear it with warmer layers and a coat. In fact, it’s perfect for apres ski in Park City this Christmas. While I have a few optoins that I’ve collected over the years, they tend to either be too heavy or too light. But this ribbed option from Uniqlo is just heavy enough without being too bulky to wear under a parka. I love it in winter white, but the black is also practical, and on sale for $69.99, I might just invest in both. They also make a great gift, perfect to rock over pj’s on Xmas morning.’

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Uniqlo Robe Coat, $69.99


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