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Smart Buy: Uniqlo Faux Shearling Jacket

by krismkoch

Guys! Stop reading this immediately and go to Uniqlo and buy this jacket before it sells out. Trust me, it’s worth it. Usually when it comes to things like shearling or leather, I’m all about investing. It’s hard to find inexpensive versions that don’t look cheap, but I’m telling you this jacket looks about a million times more expensive than it is. Seriously. I thought it was Theory or Vince when I saw a coworker wearing it, and when she told me it was Uniqlo and $50 I almost died, especially after I felt it. I’m telling you, it feels buttery soft and luxe. I couldn’t decide between the black and tan so I bought both, knowing they’d sell out. I’m actually having a hard time deciding between the two rn, and given that they’re only $50, I’m tempted to keep both. The black feels a little more my style, especially for the city, but the tan is so nice too and a change of pace from my usual wardrobe. Ahh decisions, decisions. I got a small and it fits well, but I could have probably gotten an XS for a more fitted version. I figure I’ll be layering a lot in it, so I think the small will work well and it’s not overly boxy or anything. Now, go! Before they’re gone.


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Uniqlo Shearling Jacket


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