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Smart Buy: Under $100 Levi’s Cropped Destroyed Jeans

by krismkoch

While I”m dreading the whole idea of giving birth and am seriously questioning why I got myself into this mess as I approach D-Day, I have to say I’m really looking forward to wearing normal clothes again. As much as I LOVE maternity jeans, the one downside, is there aren’t that many options and not a lot of the trendier styles. With that said, not sure if they maid mom maternity jeans that they would look that good, ya know? I tried a pair of cropped flares and they just didn’t look right with my big ass bump on top. Even though I know it’s silly to be thinking of buying new non-maternity jeans now, when the reality is, I’ll probably only be able to fit into my maternity jeans this fall, I can’t help but look at the destroyed mom jeans all the bloggers have been wearing and debate whether to buy a pair of my own to celebrate the return to pre-maternity clothes life/to inspire me to get back in shape (or at least put down the Red Vines for 5 minutes). While I’m still debating the brilliance of buying non-maternity jeans before giving birth, at least you non-pregoos can take advantage of these amazing on-sale finds. In case you’ve missed the memo, old destroyed Levis are the way to go for denim this fall, and I’m obsessed with both these pairs. The cropped pair is fun right now and for showing off your new fall shoes, and the longer pair is perfect to bring you into cooler temps. Either way, if you’re not preggo, please do me a favor and snag a pair, so at least someone can enjoy the cool kids denim for under $100.

Urban Renewal Levi’s Remade Levi’s Frayed Jeans, $66, urbanoutfitters.com

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Levi’s Distressed Flare Jeans, $89 (on sale), nordstrom.com

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