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by krismkoch
small playroom inspiration

We have a bonus sun room/office/small guest room situation in our hone that we initially made into a sitting room/playroom. It was really sweet, but we have a large living room where we spend most of our time lounging as a family, and with the couch and chairs and tables, there wasn’t much room for the kids’ toys, so we have them all in a big closet and the room wasn’t getting much use. Now that I work form home pretty much full time, I really need an office. I have been room hopping depending on where the kids are because my bedroom happens to be in a dead zone where I can’t seem to make a Zoom call that doesn’t get dropped to save my life. I just felt like it was a space that wasn’t really serving our needs and it’s a beautiful room almost entirely made of windows, so it really should get used. So of course I decided to sell all of the furniture we had in it and start fresh. I am going to turn it into a playroom/office and may squeeze in a daybed for guests though tbd. So right now, I’m going down the Pinterest hole looking for small playroom inspiration.

I’ve shared toy storage ideas before, but I’m finding it to be such a struggle to keep all the kids organized as they get bigger and acquire more and bigger toys. It’s just so much. I want to create a space where can find their toys and actually use them and I can maybe even rotate them in and out Montessori style if I can find the time. But I also want the room to feel organized and look cute since it’s off our dining room, so I’m starting to research small playroom inspiration. My hope is to be able to potentially fit a small daybed or just cute seating for the kids, toy storage, and a desk for when I do want to work in there. But I’m going to start by gathering dream playrooms to help me nail down the look of the room. Here is my favorite small playroom inspiration.

small playroom inspiration
Elle Decor
small playroom inspiration
Elle Decor
small playroom inspiration
Elle Decor
grandmillenial playroom
Born on Fifth
kids space ideas
playroom decor
Southern Living
kids room
Decor Pad

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1 comment

Susan November 1, 2021 - 2:05 pm

Think you are looking for cosy, funltional,kid friendly,etc. Most of the room pics you posted are too adult,too dressy and too neat. I like the first one,Elle decor and the Southern living one.Colorful and not too neat. It will be interesting to se what you finally decide on.



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