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Sister in Law Gifts

by krismkoch
sister in law gifts

Even though I work in magazines and fashion and have a pretty good pulse on the best gifts for women (which are mainly all the gifts I’d love to get), I always find it hard to shop for my sister in law. She’s not a hard person to shop for per se, it’s just that with sister in laws, I feel like the pressure is on. You want to get them something nice that shows how much you care for them and in cases like mine, they’re often the sister you never had, so it makes the relationship extra special. I find when I feel pressure around a gift, I get paralyzed by indecision and spend way too much time debating what to get that person, which is usually what happens when I’m shopping for my sister in law. Then I’ll end up getting something last minute that I am not always in love with, and as someone whose love language is gift-giving, I hate that feeling. So as I do my holiday shopping this year, I figured I’d round up my favorite sister in law gifts as a resource for both myself and for anyone else who struggles with these gifts too.

When it comes to sister in law gifts, I’m a huge fan of anything personalized or small luxuries you’d never buy yourself but know you’d love to receive — a monogrammed jewelry case, a nice wallet, an indulgent beauty buy, etc. While gift certificates are not usually my favorite, I do love gifting mani/pedis and massages too. I especially love these for any busy mamas out there, who rarely take the time to treat themselves but totally deserve to. But if you’re looking for a physical gift for your sister in law, I’ve found a bunch that she’ll love. Whether you’re shopping for a holiday gift or birthday present, here are my favorite sister in law gifts.

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