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Shopbop Spring 2020 Sale Picks

by krismkoch

I have a love/hate relationship with sales posts. On the one hand, I feel like every blogger does it and I find that annoying and I’m skeptical of how genuine their picks are versus wanting to make a commission. But then on the other hand, I always want to see the picks from the bloggers I love … AND sales can be so overwhelming to navigate so I find it helpful, especially right now, when I barely have time to pee. Of course, I am me, so I was still scrolling through sale finds at 1am instead of sleeping. But you get to benefit from my lack of sleep. Shopbop is having a huge sale, and there are so many good finds that you can wear even if life is still canceled this summer — and after things (hopefully) return to (somewhat) normal. So I decided to share my Shopbop spring 2020 sale picks in case you don’t have time to spend hours scrolling through pages of clothes, shoes, and accessories.

The good news is that even if you don’t have much to shop for right now thanks to Covid canceling everything, it’s a great time to stock up on wardrobe staples and items you can wear again next year or if and when the world opens up again. Shopbop’s spring 2020 sale has everything from sandals and boots to dresses and sweaters and even some really amazing statement-making accessories. So you can get stuff for any season, and if you’re like me, you’ll probably find a lot of the pieces you’ve been eyeing forever are part of the Shopbop spring 2020 sale.

So if you’re in the mood to do a little shopping or stock up on some items for when the world goes back to normal again, I’m sharing all my Shopbop spring 2020 sale picks and focusing on items that you’ll wear season after season.

Shopbop Spring 2020 Sale Picks
Shopbop Spring 2020 Sale Picks
Shopbop Spring 2020 Sale Picks
Shopbop Spring 2020 Sale Picks
Shopbop Spring Sale

From top left:

White Espadrilles

Python Flats

Pink and White Trim Mules

Gold Bow Heels

Tan Suede Western Boots

Heeled Suede Tall Boots

White Sandals

Pink Tweed Jacket

White Ruffle Mini Dress

Blue and White Embroidered Cover-Up

Toile Mini Dress

Ruffle Floral Midi Sundress

White Ruffle Jumpsuit

Pink Brocade Mini Dress

Pink and White Cardigan

Flower Earrings

Long Lilac Lace Gown

Blush Eyelet Maxi Dress

Wildflower Floral Mini Dress/Cover-Up

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