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The Perfect Summer Work Dress

by krismkoch

Guys, I’m Wearing Pink… Who am I? Before I had James and during my pregnancy, my style was pretty monochromatic. Lot’s or black, white and navy. I’ve talked about how my style has changed since having James, and I’ve really been embracing florals and prints post-baby. But my attraction to this pink floral dress really surprised me. I’ve never been a huge pink person, and suddenly, now I am. I saw this dress on an Instagram friend (those are thing, right?) and had to have it. Sadly, like most good Zara finds, they were sold out in my size. But then, I randomly was perusing Zara for a white dress and found it in my size back in stock with like two left. I felt it must be a sign and added it to my cart and checked out without even thinking about the fact that I hate pink and I’m not super frilly and floraly and pink, and this is so not my style, except these days, it so is? If I think about it, I have been wearing a whole lot of florals, and often they involve pink, like this Tory Burch fave that’s been in steady rotation, or this Tory floral sundress that I’ve lived in this summer, this floral off the shoulder number I wore to Easter, this floral Saloni dress I wear to work about once a week, this red floral caftan/beach dress I am newly obsessed with,  this floral number I wore to a recent wedding… omg, guys, who am I? I don’t even recognize myself. Ok, so maybe I do wear pink and colors and florals, and my style is feminine? Or have I been dressing for the season and trend, and totally lost myself? Probably a bit of both tbh. I mean everywhere you turn rn, it’s a floral or otherwise printed dress. Or maybe motherhood has brought out my inner femininity. Has that ever happened to you where one day you wake up and realize that your style has totally changed? Has your style changed over time and especially after motherhood? I feel like mine goes in phases: I’ve had edgy/tough, I’ve had monochromatic/classic/slightly tomboy, I’ve had boho/prep, and now, maybe feminine something? Guess, we’ll see what fall brings.

Zara Dress (sold out but similar here for under $30 (!) and here and also love this one and this one); Tory Burch Mules

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