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Our Summer Plans

by krismkoch

Thank god summer is finally here, and I’m excited to make the most of it with our family. It was such a long winter and rainy spring that I want to take advantage of every sunny day we have from now until the fall. This summer in particular, I’m feeling really restless and eager for change. It’s been frustrating that we don’t have any change on the horizon but knowing we need a change soon has made it hard to plan for anything too. It’s been hard to commit to renting a summer house or a major far-flung vacation when we don’t know if we’ll be moving or expanding our family in the coming months. But all the indecision has really been stressful and I realized I needed something to look forward to, so I decided we needed to plan ahead for the summer and give us some stuff to look forward to. Plus, I’m Type A and like to have a plan in place.

To that end, we have planned some fun weekends trips to the beach and upstate and then a couple vacations to give us some much needed time off in the sun — one to the Hamptons  and one to California, where we’re heading for a wedding but tacking on a few extra days as San Fran is my favorite place of all time. James is going to be doing a summer camp session to help him get his energy out, music classes, and we’re going to sign him up for swim lessons too. He’ll also be spending lots of time at the parks near us, the library, the zoo, the museums near us, Michaels (they do crafts for kids on Friday afternoons and James loves it!) and any air conditioned space that accommodates toddlers. All in all, it’s going to be a really fun-filled July and I’m excited to start planning out some more family fun for August.

What are your summer plans? Anything we need to add to ours?


On Me: Madewell Dress (old but similar here and here and here); Tory Burch Sandals (old but similar here and here)

On James: Anchor Swim shorts; Sailboat Rashguard

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