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10 Actually Chic One Piece Bathing Suits (That Don’t Scream “Mom Suit”)

by krismkoch

50+ Chic Beach Cover Up IdeasI know I’m a little late on this post being that everyone is already packing up for fall, but I don’t care. There’s still all of August and it’s always pool weather hot for most of September. Plus, I know some of you are blessed to live places where it’s warm year round or take vacations in the winter, and this is the perfect time to buy a new suit because they’re all on sale. I never thought I’d be a one-piece gal. I was never going to be that mom. But with all the stress I’ve been under this year, I let my mom bod go to hell and rather than losing those final post-James pounds, I kind of gave up. But to be honest, even when I’m feeling myself, I find that one pieces tend to be more practical for chasing a toddler at the beach or pool. They’re more likely to stay in place and harder for James to yank off me. But if I’m going to wear a one-piece swimsuit, it can’t look like a mom suit. These suits all have special details and flattering cuts that make them not your mom’s one-piece bathing suits.


From top left: 

Floral Retro Suit

Black Scalloped Suit

Off the Shoulder Ruffled Floral Suit

Mixed Florals Swimsuit

White High-Neck Ruffled Suit

Ruffle Plunge Neck Suit

Striped Suit

Ruched Black Suit

One-Shoulder Suit  

Turquoise Cutout Suit

Black Cutout Swimsuit

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