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Nursery Art Ideas

by krismkoch

Even before I was pregnant, I was so excited to decorate a nursery, and I thought it would be easy because I had so many ideas. But here we are, James is 1.5 years old, and  I’m still not done decorating his room. Boy nurseries are hard to decorate — I’ve found there just aren’t as many options and most are blue. We didn’t find out our baby’s gender until he was born, so that further complicated matters. I really love blue, and I was really obsessed with navy, so we decided to go with that rather than the typical greys and neutral nurseries flooding my Pinterest feed. Right now, the room is basically done — it’s navy and white with light blue accents, although I really need to find more light blue accents (I’ll save that for another post though). But what’s been challenging is finding artwork for the nursery to finish off the room. It’s not that nursery art ideas don’t abound. It’s that they’re mostly the same things — animals, letters, your child’s initials or name. Most of what I found just felt too cutesy or borderline cheesy. Right now, we have some old artwork from Andrew’s parents in James’ room, which along with his sheets is giving the room a nautical theme, but I’m not sure I want it to feel that theme-y. Plus, we only have art on one wall of his nursery so we could more pieces to round out the look. I’ve been scouring the interweb for over a year in search of amazing nursery art ideas, and to save you the trouble, here are my faves for any gender.





Blue Butterflies

Pressed Botanicals

Baby elephant (This Baby Hippo is also very cute.)

Pressed Flowers




Vintage trains

Modern Alphabet


Dreaming Elephants

Vintage Car Sketches

Vintage Land Cruiser

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