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Mother in Law Gifts

by krismkoch
mother in law gifts

I find any in-laws difficult to shop for honestly, but moms and mother in laws are especially tricky imo. Moms do so much and you want to find something special to let them know you appreciate them. But it’s hard to know how to exactly say it with a gift. Mother in laws gifts can be particularly tricky to pick out because you’re often shopping on behalf of both you and your husband and potentially kids. And let’s face it, mother in law relationships can be tricky anyways, so the gift can feel like it’s sending a message, and you want it to be the right one. I always find myself spending a lot of time thinking about and shopping for mother in law gifts when birthdays and holidays roll around, and I’m sure I’m not alone, so I wanted to share my favorite mother in law gifts.

I will say that I think experiences can be special, especially since many moms don’t treat themselves enough. I love giving gift certificates for massages and mani/pedis. Another fun idea is arranging a special day or activity to do with your mother in law that you know she’d like. But if you’re looking for a physical token of your affection, I have you covered. I like to gift something personalized or something that she wouldn’t gift herself or love to have. I often think of something I might love to get but would never buy myself — a monogrammed cosmetic case, a nice wallet, a cashmere hat, a luxe candle… you get the idea. Even if you and your mother in law are very different, I think most women get excited by the same luxuries when it comes to gift giving time, and let’s face it, we’re often on the short end of the gift-giving stick (not that kids crafts aren’t adorable), so it’s always nice to receive something beautiful or personalized. These mother in law gifts are perfect for birthdays or holidays. (Check out my favorite gifts for women for more ideas.)

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