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Monthly Goals for June 2021

by krismkoch
monthly goals for June

Ok, I’m not going to say “How is it already June?” because I say that every month, but I’m also not not going to say it, because OMG HOW IS IT ALREADY JUNE? I am so thrilled that summer is here. In a way, it feels bittersweet to me, because it sort of feels like the countdown until life goes back to normal and the upsides of slowing down and jumping off the hamster wheel are coming to a close. I was actually saying to a friend recently that it feels like when you’re on maternity leave and so excited to be able to have some time off and focus on your family, but you’re also dreading how fast you know the time will go by and going back to real life in a few months. But, I’m going to try to focus on making the most out of this summer, because I have a feeing it will be on of the last when I have this much freedom. While I want to give myself a break and some time off, I also want to get a lot done especially this next month, so I’ve put together my monthly goals for June to help keep me focused and organized.

This month, I am trying to balance accomplishing a lot professionally while also making some time to relax and enjoy the summer with my family. You’ll see my monthly goals for June have a wide-ranging mix of items. There are also some carry-overs from May, including getting my newsletter rolling (someone please motivate me, or really, why does it have to be so hard to set up? Can’t someone come up with a simple guide to follow?). I also really want to get our home finished this month. I know a home is never really finished, especially when you’re me, but we’re planning to do our final bathroom renovation and I’d like to get the last of our big furniture in place and some of our decorations done, so I can really feel at home as we shop for our next fixer upper project (sorry honey). Even though I try not to bite off too much, my monthly goals for June are a bit more ambitious in the home department because I really want to get this place done.

As I’ve mentioned before, I have found setting monthly goals to be incredibly helpful in helping me to feel more organized and on top of all the things going on right now, and also in setting my priorities and achieving my larger goals. I am especially finding it helpful in achieving the things I want to do with this blog and my brand. But it’s also helped my relationships and my family, as it’s helped me to prioritize the things I want to do with Andrew, the kids, and friends. So without further ado, here are my monthly goals for June.

Plan an end of month getaway: We’re going to do a last minute trip at the end of the month. We’re debating a road trip to Charlottesville or just doing a long weekend in Nantucket or Rhode Island. Any thoughts?

Find a sideboard for the dining room: Yes, this is still on my to-do list. Hoping to take advantage of the Memorial Day sales to either find a great deal, or to search for an amazing antique piece.

Art work for behind living room couch: We’re moving along on our living room, but we really need a large scale art piece for behind the couch for the room to feel complete. I’m leaning towards a 4-piece set, but I really like special, vintage pieces, so we’ll see what I can find. In any event, I’d like to find that missing link for our place this month.

Bathroom renovations done: Our contractor has agreed to do this in June. We have the materials ordered, and I just need a shelf and some of the hardware accessories, so it looks like it’s really going to happen! But I’m including it on this list to remind myself to get the dates locked down and to finalize the tile and extras.

Side tables for living room: We’re at the point where we just need the accessories for the living room, and that includes a good side table. I haven’t really found one I’ve liked and I’ve looked at millions of options, but hopefully, during our explorations this summer, I’ll find one.

Reupholster yellow chair: Remember that old yellow chair I talked about months ago that I wanted to recover? Well, it’s still sitting in our sunroom in its glorious yellow ripped fabric. But I think I’ve finally figured out which fabric I want for our old chair, and I’d like to just get that done this month if I can figure out where to order enough fabric from.

Pillows for living room: Our couch needs some accessories. Finishing our pillow combos is my goal for this month as well. I think it’ll finally feel like a home with some color.

Plan two date nights and two couples dates: I love adding dating nights to my monthly goals because it forces me to actually plan them. I want to plan two nights out with just the hubs and two with friends this month. I’m going to try to book these early, so we’re not in a race at the end of the month to book stuff in.

Play more tennis: I’m back on my tennis game and loving it. I have a standing date with Andrew for Friday mornings, and I’m trying to get on the court at least once or twice more a week while I’m not commuting and can squeeze in a game.

Try making my own salads (at least once): I buy salads for lunch every day, but tbh, there’s nowhere great around here for quick lunch or dinner salads. (Sweetgreen, please come!) I really want to start making my own so I can make sure all the ingredients are organic and clean and because it’s a lot more convenient. I don’t know why though but it always just seems to taste better when someone else makes it, ya know? Anyone have a great dressing they love?

Map out June blog content: I have found this so helpful for keeping me on track to regularly post on here, and I’m bringing back What I Wore This Week finally!

Get newsletter list set up and launch newsletter: I know the newsletter is always on my list, and I never really get it done, but I took the first step last month and set it up. I’ve included launching the newsletter in my monthly goals for June, because this month, I want to actually send out my first newsletter and then make it a weekly thing. I hope I’m not being too ambitious here, but I’d like to get my list set up at least, and then launch at least one newsletter this month. I think that’s doable, but honestly, why is MailChimp so hard to figure out?!

Visit the Zoo: We live so close to an amazing zoo, and I keep saying we should go and then not going. So I’m putting it on this list so we actually do it.

Take more blog pictures at new places: I really want to venture out and take more scenic blog pics and higher quality, more regular pics with my Insta husband. Plus, it’s a fun excuse to explore, which I love doing on weekends.

Turn off phone when with kids: I really want to be better about this. I’m always on my phone and distracted. The reality is I don’t love to play. I love my kids to death and doing activities with them, but I’m not the best at just sitting and playing for chunks of time, so I always end up getting distracted by my phone. But I’m really going to try in mornings before school/camp and at night to just put the phone out of sight, and same on weekends and for breaks during the day when we’re hanging out. My kids deserve my undivided attention and to know that I care about them more than the phone. I think my behavior recently would probably make them think that mommy cares more about what’s going on on her phone, and that breaks my heart. It’s hard with work and everything going on, but it’s really important to me.

Finalize Andrew’s 40th party: I have a place and date locked down. Now I need to figure out what kind of party we want and all the fun details. I love planning parties, so this is the fun stuff. This month, I want to finalize the type of party (dinner, cocktails and apps, activity and drinks, etc.) and get save the dates ready to send out.

Book August vacation: I’m planning to take the end of August off, and I want to book something fun. We had hoped to rent a house for the month of August in the Hamptons, but it fell through, and now it’s all I can think about. Help me think of something fun to do at least for a couple weeks. I need something to look forward to at the end of summer before it’s back to real life.

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