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Merry Christmas 2021

by krismkoch
merry christmas 2021

Merry Christmas 2021, from our family to yours! We are so thrilled to be spending Christmas in Park City, a family tradition on my husband’s side that I’ve been lucky enough to join. We spend the morning opening presents and eating pancakes followed by skiing, the afternoon prepping for dinner, and then good friends and family come over to my in-laws for an epic dinner. It always lasts late with fun conversation, games and lots of wine and good food. I love every aspect of Christmas — from the look of pure joy on my children’s faces when they wake up to see the presents under the tree to making reindeer pancakes and cinnamon buns to taking some snowy turns followed by a long lunch on the mountain to making the seating chart (usually my job) and enjoying a long crazy dinner with our family and friends. I also love how magical Christmas is for my children and it makes all the prep work and stress of the holidays well worth it.

Before we start our merry making, I wanted to wish you, my other fam and community, a very Merry Christmas 2021! I hope you can celebrate with your loved ones and enjoy a magical holiday this year. I know the holidays still look different for many of us and many are also remembering those we lost. I know the holidays can be hard for so many reasons. But I hope this year, you can find peace and moments of magic. I am so grateful to all of you for joining my little corner of the internet, allowing me to share my passions, inspiration, and life, and for supporting me every step of the way. I feel so blessed this holiday to have all of you and this blog and brand and it’s one of the greatest gifts I could ask for this year.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! I hope it’s magical in every way!

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