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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Guys

by krismkoch

Real talk: Guys are so hard to shop for, at least in my opinion. There’s always a million things they need, but they’re so picky about everything (or is that just my husband?), and in my experience, men are not good at faking their disappointment when you get it wrong and they don’t like what you got them (or again, just my husband?). I love giving presents, and I’m always trying to find things my husband will actually be excited to open. As you’ve probably heard me mention a few times now, I’m going all out for Valentine’s Day, because what else do we have to look forward to? Since we can’t really celebrate in the way I’d like thanks to Omni, I’m focusing more on Valentine’s Day gifts this year. Determined to surprise my husband with something he actually likes, I’ve come up with a long list of Valentine’s Day gifts for guys that I think my picky husband might actually like.

I don’t tend to go as big for Valentine’s Day gifts as I do for the holidays or birthdays, but since Andrew never buys anything for himself, I still want to find something good. Usually, I’ll try to find something he needs (or that needs replacing) — a new pair of boat shoes or gloves – and use it as an excuse to get him a nice version of whatever he needs. But sometimes, I can’t think of anything he needs, and I’ll just get him something cool or indulgent that he’d never buy himself like a cookie cake (my fave) or an indoor putting green.

Of course, I always wait until the last minute to actually buy my husband a Valentine’s Day gift, but with shipping woes, I decided to get ahead of it this year. Even though the holidays are over, I feel like shipping is still extra Covid slow, so I scoured Amazon as well as some of my other favorite retailers that offer quick shipping so I’m not left gift-less on V-day.  Here are my favorite last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts for guys.

Valentine's Day Gift guide for guys

last-minute valentine's day gifts for guys

valentine's day gifts for guys 2021

From top left:

Leather Gloves

Coffee Thermos

Cookie Cake

Personalized Cufflinks



Nest Thermostat

Ski Jacket


Indoor Putting Green 

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