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My New Kate Middleton Boots

by krismkoch

I have had several different pairs of riding boots over the years, including a black pair of Tory Burch riding boots that I wore to the ground. I used to wear them all the time, especially on weekends. It was an easy way to step up a look for brunch, shopping, etc. But in the last few years, I’ve fallen out of my boot obsession. I don’t know why but I think my sneaker obsession took over, and then I’ll admit it, I’ve become a lazy basic mom and just started slipping on my Uggs. Recently, I was walking with James, Andrew and Dakota on a Saturday afternoon in our neighborhood and I saw our neighbors, who are basically like the more put-together version of us. They’re a young couple with a baby boy and a dog — they’re cute and could be our friends but they just seem a little perfect. So of course I’ve totally stalked them (I’m realizing this is sounding super creepy but I promise, it’s not, well not, really). I had been eyeing these boots that are a favorite of Kate Middleton and some other friends have them and I’ve been loving them, but wasn’t sure I needed needed them. They feel more like a weekend shoe and like they’d be suited for the country (Kate wears hers on country hikes) and I don’t do that a lot. Well, I take that back. I do because we go upstate a lot but when we’re in the country, I usually wear sneakers or Sorel snowboots for hikes, and I am usually lazy and not very put-together. But then I saw my perfect neighbor wearing them with leggings on that Saturday afternoon when I looked like a total mess of a dumpster, and I realized I needed to have them. She was in leggings and basically the same puffer jacket as me (see? Told you we should be friends) but she looked so much more put-together because instead of chewed up Uggs (Dakota had a field day with mine back in the day), she was in these amazing boots. So I decided they’re not just for the country and could really be a city boot too, and being the lucky girl I am, they arrived for my birthday and I’m in lurve. I live in them on weekends and I just love them. I’m actually not excited for warm weather because I feel like we’ve only just met and started our relationship. But they’re a classic and I know they’ll get better with age. So anyway, thanks for bearing with me on my ode to my boots. They truly are beauts, and while a splurge, I feel like I’ll wear them forever. In fact, I’m going to challenge myself to style them for work.


On me: Jeans; Sweater; Puffer Vest; Boots (also here)

On James: CoatSneakers


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