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How to Wear Lingerie During the Day (And Still Look Classy)

by krismkoch

I’m sure you will feel sorry for my husband after reading this post, but I have never believed in investing in fancy nighties and lingerie. I’m more about comfort and practicality when it comes to what I wear to bed and under my clothes. Let’s face it, silk bras and panties might look really sexy in the movies but irl, they aren’t that comfy, don’t work under most outfits and require hand washing, which ain’t nobody got time for. And while I have a couple silk nightgowns that are gorgeous, not only do they require the same tedious laundering, but I much prefer cozy sweats for sleeping. I just like breathable cotton and softness next to my skin. I’m not even a fan of flannel or cotton pajamas like the cute ones at J.Crew that I wish I wore to bed but in all honesty, just don’t. While the hubs doesn’t do PJs, I am more Helen Hunt in Mad About You (remember that show and how they always changed into flannel pajamas and big sweatshirts?). But now I have an excuse to wear the few pieces of fancy negligee I own and to potentially invest in a couple pieces of the too pretty to wear silk camis and nightgowns I’ve been coveting recently. Because now it’s perfectly acceptable to wear them during the day and you don’t have to look all Pretty Woman while doing it thanks to the smart layering tricks my favorite bloggers have been trying. Try a turtleneck under a lace cami, toss on a pair of jeans and ankle boots, and you have a chic weekend look that’s┬áso much more fun than a simple sweater/tee and denim┬ácombo. Or try a silk nightie over a t-shirt and jeans for a fashion-forward look that you can wear to work or for a night out that’s perfect for nights you want to look sexy but don’t want to wear tights or a cardi.

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