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How to Wear Glove Shoes (Without Looking Like An Alien Grandma)

by krismkoch

Yeah, alien grandma. Because I don’t know how else to explain these so completely hideous they might be chic, I guess, shoes.  You know if you like that completely unsexy, ugly shoe look. And yet, everyone is wearing them, and I find myself oddly intrigued. It’s like the new, more extreme normcore. Maybe the intrigue is that it’s almost a badge of honor like I’m so good, I can make even these completely heinous shoes look chic. Definitely what I would say is going on here. And as one who is always up for a challenge, for an opportunity to prove myself worthy, I am actually considering joining all those who came before me to accept the great last fashion challenge of 2016.


refinery 29



mom jeans-knotted shirt-oxford-striped shirt-glove shoes-fringe

blame it on fashion

glove shoes-striped tee-white culottes-summer work outfit-summer fridays-

gary pepper girl

glove shoes-frayed jeans-nyfw street style-ref29

refinery 29



glove shoes-turtleneck sweater-embellished military jacket-cropped jeans-frayed jeans-nyfw street style 2016 elle


glove shoes-culottes-cliqueimg.com


glove shoes-striped butotn up shrit-mom jeans-oxford shirt-high waisted mom jeans-squarespace


glove shoes-mom jeans-layers-transitional dressing-weekend fall spring-via cloclochet


glove shoes-oversized cuffs-brown and tan-

style du monde

celine glove shoe-winter pastels-pastel blue tunic sweater-turtleneck-gold shoes-look de pernille

look de pernille

navy-wrap skirt-stripes-vertical stripes-wrap skirt-gold shoes-glove shoes-monochromatic-pilgrim shoes-blue-look de pernille via stle du monde

style du monde

glove shoes, gold glove shoes pajama pants, oversized sweater

who what wear

cuffed jeans pilgrim shoes navy blouse fall work going out night out date night outfit editor style

style du monde

spring jacket-tire front jacket blazer-glove shoes-mom jeans-spring weekend outfit-work outfit-clochet


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