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30+ Ways To Wear Gingham (Sans The Dorothy Vibes)

by krismkoch

I’ve been allergic to the preppy print even before I outgrew my popped-collar country club roots. Unlike other classic prepster prints, gingham has always just felt too cutesy, sweet, and well, Dorothy-esque. But gingham’s been trending big since it hit the spring fashion week runways, and has even taken to the streets of NYC, what one would think is the anti-gingham capital of the world, by storm. Extra small or extra big, in fresh, modern silhouettes, or in classic styles paired with non-prim pieces, I’m actually warming up to the checkered pattern. In fact, I’ve already gone down a Pinterest and Instagram rabbit hole looking for cute gingham outfit ideas, and there are plenty that prove, the classic print can look incredible chic and doesn’t have to read preppy or overly sweet at all. If you’re looking to get in on the trend or just love a classic pattern, here are my favorite gingham outfit ideas.

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