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How to Wear Dresses in the Dead of Winter

by krismkoch

This dress is so not my style and yet I had to have it. Does that ever happen to you? I think it speaks to the boho Pisces side of my personality that occasionally comes out? Andrew calls it my Thanksgiving pilgrim dress, lol. Kinda of true. I appreciate the colors though in the doldrums of winter, and the fact that I can wear thermal leggings underneath in the dead of winter, which are so much warmer than tights. Right now, it’s just too damn cold to wear dresses and tights, so this is a good solution for days where I want to dress up a little. The nice thing about this one is I feel like it could work in springtime too with the right sandals and maybe a denim jacket, but boots and a furry scarf make it perfect for winter.

Ulla Johnson Maxi Dress, Suede Knee Boots (old but similar here on sale), Fur stole (old but similar here)

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