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Granny Millenial Style

by krismkoch
granny millenial style
I once read that one approach to decorating your home is to let your personal style inform your interiors. I am starting to think that it may be the opposite for me right now – my penchant for grand millenial style interiors and blue and green palettes is starting to infuse my wardrobe. All I want to wear these days is ruffles and puff sleeves and florals. Basically, I want to look like wallpaper, but with a slightly modern twist. And apparently, this vibe has a name of its own called granny millenial style. Hilariously accurate, right? It’s like a throwback to those ’80s Laura Ashely dresses and pink floral wallpaper but with more modern silhouettes. I for one am a huge fan, even if sometimes I feel a bit costume-y in my granny millenial dresses. This dres, for instance, was love at first sight. I had to have it even though there was one size left and I wasn’t sure how it’d fit or if it would be flattering. Thank goodness it fit, and honestly, I love it so much, I don’t care if it’s not flattering or if I look like a granny. Maybe it’s all the time in sweats and leggings, but I just want to be wearing pretty, feminine pieces. And it’s making me miss occasions and places to dress up for, so much so that I’ve been throwing on dresses for a trip to the pediatrician or to pick up takeout or for a Zoom meeting even if everyone else is still in pajamas. I find that the secret to pulling off this granny chic style is to look for more modern silhouettes, whether it’s an oversize fit to go with the puff sleeves or a more streamlined silhouette to go with wallpaper florals. It’s like pairing gran millenial floral wallpaper and antique dark wood pieces and chinoiserie with lucite accents and abstract artwork to keep it from feeling dated. With that said, I’m all about just embracing what you love right now, and perhaps a freeing aspect of having nothing and no one to dress for is that you can just dress for yourself. I feel like having worked in fashion media for so long, I have always been excited to try new trends and looks but as a working woman with meetings to lead and presentations and events and appearances, I’ve also always been conscious to dress for my day. So it hasn’t been until recently, that I’ve just embraced the mentality of wear and buy what you love, even if you don’t know what it goes with or where you’ll wear it or if it’ll be appropriate, because there are no rules at Casa Kennedy. what i wore this week granny millenial style granny millenial style granny millenial style ON ME: Blue Floral Dress; sandals; hat Shop the Look:

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