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How to Wear Dresses in Winter and Stay Warm

by krismkoch

I am a dress girl through and through, and the cold weather and snow won’t stop me. In fact, I continue to dress up for work and nights out all winter long. So I thought I’d share my tips and tricks for how to wear dresses in winter — without freezing to death.

I don’t love to wear dresses that scream “holiday”. I like to go for something a little more unexpected that I can wear over and over again even after the holidays. This dress is the perfect example — not only is it comfy, but it’s neutral enough that I could wear it all winter long with tights and then add some sandals and bare legs come spring. I paired it with a (faux, don’t @ me) fur vest, which is basically my go-to layering piece come winter. It’s dressier than a sweater, not as basic as a blazer or moto jacket, and adds a touch of cozy-glam. I work in fashion, so I love wearing it over a dress to the office, but it’s also a great trick for a party. It instantly makes your go-to work dress party-ready. So the trick for how to wear dresses in winter is to add tights or leggings underneath, a furry vest or jacket on top and a think turtleneck beneath if you can swing it. Layer, layer, layer basically.

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