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Holiday Gifts for 2 Year Old Girls

by krismkoch
holiday gifts for 2 year old girls

This year, I’m starting my holiday shopping extra early. Part of it is the threat of supply chain issues causing massive delays. But I also want to get organized and ahead of the game on my holiday shopping. I know December is going to be busy with the kids activities and parties, our annual ski trip to Park City, and all the holiday parties and decorating and activities. I don’t want to be freaking out at the eleventh hour running around trying to get everyone gifts, and there’s no need — I know everyone I need to get gifts for so I can and should plan ahead. But to be honest, I find shopping for kids’ holiday gifts to be the hardest. I want them to experience the magic of Christmas without overdoing it or buying them more crap that will add to the playroom clutter. It’s a balance, and I find it especially hard to shop for Charlotte, because we already have a ton of toys from James. I still want to get some things for Charlotte to open on Christmas morning, so I’ve been on the hunt for holiday gifts for 2 year old girls.

Since we have so many trucks and trains and construction tools already, I want to get Charlotte a mix of clothes and fun toys that we don’t necessarily already have for Christmas this year. She also love pink, so I tend to lean in heavily to the pink toys when shopping for her. She had a birthday in August (check out my two year old birthday gift guide here), so I plan to fill in the holes of what she didn’t get for her birthday or what she might like now that she’s a little older and turning more and more into a little girl every day. Here are my favorite holiday gifts for 2 year olds girls that I’ve found as I shop for Charlie girl.

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