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Our Favorite Things to Do in the Hamptons With Kids

by krismkoch

We finally started renovations on the kids’ bathroom last week after waiting almost a year and a half to tackle this project. With Covid and life, our plans to gut the bathroom kept getting pushed back. Our contractor finally found a window to work on the bathroom, and we thought it would be the perfect time to get out of the house and take a little family vacation and head to our favorite spot in the Hamptons. Actually, I had high hopes of road tripping to Virginia or heading to the Caribbean, but we were waiting to lock in dates with our contractor and for materials to arrive (oy, Covid delays), so we didn’t know when demo would start until a few days before. We didn’t want to risk missing this window to get the bathroom done, so we jumped on it. Luckily, we were able to find a rental that was available during the week in our favorite spot in the Hamptons, aka Quogue, a magical spot that we have been visiting since we were dating. In fact, Andrew and I first met in the Hamptons (South Hampton, to be exact) and became friends and then fell in love while spending our summers in Qougue. The best part about this special spot in the Hamptons is that it’s the best place for families. In fact, we found so many fun things to do in Quogue and the surrounding areas that I wanted to share my favorite Hamptons summer 2021 activities for kids in case you’re headed out East this summer too.

Before we had kids, we rented houses out in Quogue every summer. We took a year off after having James and then took a short trip there when he was one and a half. We hadn’t been back in two years — I had been really pregnant with Charlotte and we were renovating and then Covid hit — and it was such a nice change of pace. It was sort of cool bringing Charlie back there at the same age James was when we first introduced him to the beautiful beaches, our favorite ice cream spot, and lobster rolls overlooking the ocean. We also got to catch up with old friends and watch our kids play with their kids, which was nothing short of magical. It’s funny, but we didn’t realize how much we missed this place or how special it is to us until this trip. I think the combo of being away from this spot that holds so many memories for us, and having it feel like a second home, complete with dear friends, really showed us that this is a place we want to return to every year with our family. I meant to document all my outfits for you, but we were so busy catching up with friends and really enjoying being out here as a family that I only ended up taking pics from our family adventures, and didn’t even capture them all, so instead I decided to pivot and share our favorite Hamptons summer 2021 activities for kids. We found so many special gems that you’ll love if you’re headed this way as a family. I also shared more pics and videos in my Instagram stories and will save to my highlights if you’re interested in seeing more.

Early Morning Bagels and Beach Walks

Our kids wake up early, like 5:45am early. We were lucky that our rental had a big backyard and swing set for the kids to run around and play on while we sipped coffee, but eventually they/we got hungry. Our favorite way to make the most of early mornings when we’re in the Hamptons is to pick up muffins and bagels and coffee and head to the beach. We walk around, the kids run and dip their toes into the water, Andrew is brave enough to take a dip sometimes, and we just enjoy the fresh air and having the beach to ourselves. I find the waves so calming, and while mornings can be stressful with little kids, it burns energy while we get to enjoy the scenery and our breakfast. Some beaches will even allow you to bring your dog in the mornings, so Dakota can enjoy some beach time too.

Quogue activities 2021
hamptons 2021 activities with kids
hamptons 2021 activities with kids
Quogue vacation guide

On Me: Sweater; Shorts; Hat

Afternoon Swimming and Playing in the Sand at the Beach

After our morning beach breakfast, we’ll usually head home to relax for a bit and change for the day. While mom and dad checked emails and caught up on some work, we let the kids play outside in the backyard and make a mess of a Monopoly board game they found. Then we changed into swimsuits and headed back to the beach to enjoy the beautiful sunny weather. We love to get to the beach around 10am/10:30am and stay until 1pm or 2pm or so, depending on how the kids are holding up. Charlie naps around 1pm, but sometimes we’ll push it back if she’s holding up and we’re having fun, or we’ll see if we can get her to nap at the beach (has never happened but always nice to dream). We’ll go for walks to collect seashells and chase seagulls, build sand castles, bury daddy’s feet in the sand, and take dips in the ocean. Both kids really love the beach, which is amazing because it’s such a beautiful way to spend the day. I’ll bring snacks and if everything is going great, we’ll even eat lunch at the beach. The key to extending the day (IMO) is to secure an umbrella and set up a shady fun area for the kids to rest and play between dips in the ocean. Snacks are also key. Always snacks.

Quogue vacation guide
what to do with kids in quogue
hamptons 2021 activities with kids
hamptons 2021 activities with kids
hamptons 2021 activities with kids

On me: Swimsuit; Shorts; Coverup

On Charlotte: Swimsuit

On James: Swimsuit; Rashguard

Strawberry Picking

This trip was the first time we had ever been strawberry picking and it’s one of our new favorite activities. Our friends brought us to an amazing organic strawberry farm about 20 minutes from Quogue and we had the best time. They had a farm with animals and all these kids playgrounds and stations as well as a little store with organic food and snacks and yummy food you can order for lunch. Since it was organic, I didn’t mind that the kids ate the strawberries as they picked and it was so much fun for both James and Charlie. They even have wagons there that you can use to pull your kids up to the strawberry fields. They also had raspberries you could pick, and both berries were deeelicious. The farm is called Golden Earthworm Organic Farm in Riverhead, and trust me, it’s worth the drive. This is hands down my favorite on my list of Hamptons summer 2021 activities for kids.

where to go strawberry picking in the hamptons
strawberry picking in the hamptons

On Charlotte: Romper; Cardigan; Shoes

Visiting the Most Kid-Friendly Organic Farm

I broke this into its own activity because you could certainly make multiple trips out of this excursion or one fun afternoon, but we also got to feed animals and do all sorts of fun outdoor activities at Golden Earthworm Organic Farm in Riverhead. They give you feed and veggies so the kids can feed the animals, which my children loved. They also have all these stations set up for little kids like an inflatable trampoline, slides and playground equipment, a race track with tricycles and kid-sized tractors, bouncy animals that you can take from the barn and put into their pens. It’s literally designed for kids and so much fun. I can’t tell you how much I recommend this place.

hamptons 2021 activities with kids
hamptons 2021 activities with kids

On Charlotte: Romper; Cardigan; Shoes

On James: Sweater (similar here); Shorts; Shoes

Lunch, Shopping + Ice Cream in Town

While Quogue only has a small town with a few shops, we love grabbing sandwiches or bacon egg and cheeses (if it’s the morning) from the Quogue Market and sitting in the gazebo across the street to eat them before hitting up the shops next door and grabbing an ice cream cone. we also always venture into Westhampton, which has far more shops and restaurants. We’ll stop by for an outdoor lunch or a post-beach ice cream cone as well.

best travel stroller for kids 2021
best travel stroller


Some other favorite Hamptons summer 2021 activities for kids:

The Quogue Wildlife Refuge (I wrote about it here)

Children’s Museum in Bridgehampton (great for rainy days)

Mini Golf

Rent Bikes

Visit the lighthouse in Montauk

Boat Rides

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