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Get the Look For Less: Veronica Beard Striped Ruched Shirt Dress

by krismkoch

I’m obsessed with the Veronica Beard semi-asymmetrical shirt dresses with the ruffled hem. They are perfect for work, but I also saw someone in one at a rehearsal dinner recently and was super jealous. It’s flattering, chic, work-appropriate, feminine — basically, it’s like the DVF wrap dress was five years ago: a total no-brainer for every occasion. I’d get it in every color and wear one for the rest of summer except that they run for about $450 a pop. I still think it’s a worthy investment given the tailoring, flattering fit, classic but with a special twist style, etc. etc. (I like it, you get it), but honestly, I’m just reticent to spend that much on any one piece right now because with a nine-month old at home, I feel like everything I wear gets stained at one point or another. It’s almost impossible to avoid and if the baby doesn’t stain me, I end up doing it myself due to the fact that I’m in a constant rush, which is why I’m honestly so excited to have found this lookalike for nearly 1/4 of the price. Thank you Bloomies.


Lucy Paris Ruched Dress at Bloomingdales, $88



Veronica Beard Sleeveless Striped Ruched Shirt Dress, $450

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