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Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2018

by krismkoch

I can’t believe this is Andrew’s second Father’s Day. This year, I really want to step up my gift-giving game, and get Andrew a really special Father’s Day gift. I really love giving gifts and surprising friends and loved ones (though mostly Andrew) with presents I think they’ll love. I spend a long time agonizing over gifts actually, especially for occasions like Father’s Day, since my dad, Andrew, and my father-in-law happen to be the hardest people to shop for.  Let’s be honest, in general, men can be really hard to shop for, and who doesn’t need help coming up with Father’s Day gift ideas?

Personally, I spend the better part of the month thinking about Father’s Day gifts because when I say that my husband and father and father in law are difficult to shop for, I’m not kidding. They won’t hesitate to tell you they don’t like something and even if it’s in a category that you think could work (like fly fishing or golf for Andrew), they’re very specific about what the like and don’t like, and there’ really no rhyme or reason. Hence, I’ve had a lot of practice getting the wrong gift and finding the right ones (after a lot of research and agony). So I’m sharing my favorite foolproof Father’s Day gifts that have actually been wins.

From top left:

Vilebrequin Bathing suit

Ray Ban Sunglasses

Dyson Heater/Cooler

Gucci Horsebit Loafers

Tumi Suitcase

Monogrammed Five in One Grill Tool

Orvis Fly Box Also love Fly of the Month Club

Boat Shoes

Bose Headphones

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