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My Fall Wish List

by krismkoch
I can’t believe fall is basically here. I consider to last through Labor Day and hate the idea that everyone starts prepping for fall as soon as August rolls around. Summer is such a special time, and I plan to enjoy my breezy sundresses, living in my bathing suit, long days at the beach  followed by bbq’s and al fresco dining for as long as I can. With that said, fashion waits for no one and I’ve already started a list of all the items I want for fall. Once it’s September, it feels weird to still dress for summer even if the weather tends to remain summery for most of the month. Plus, fall is one of my favorite seasons to dress for and this fall, there are so many cute items I want to add to my closet.
Still, I tend to deny it’s fall and delay my shopping until I wake up one morning and have a meltdown because I have nothing to wear because everything is really too summery or too last year. This year, however, I’ve decided to shop a little differently by planning ahead so that I can make smart buys that will refresh my wardrobe and get me through the fall season. My first step is to make a list of everything I want. Next, I’ll clean out my closet and pull my fall clothes so I can make note of what I have (to ensure new purchases go with my current closet) and what I need. Then, I’ll narrow down my list into a few immediate purchases that’ll help transition my wardrobe, will compliment my current summer and fall clothes, and/or I’m afraid will sell out. I’ll usually include in this a few dresses and tops that I’ll love and want to wear all the time, a pair of shoes that will be worn on repeat all season and I need, and a jacket or topper I really want to be my go-to for the season. Then I’ll narrow down the list to what I really want. High ticket items I’ll usually wait for to go on sale, no matter how much I want, so I’ll endlessly stalk for them. Other items that I like but am not obsessed with, I’ll look for more affordable alternatives, try a few different versions and settle on one I think works best (sometimes the cheaper version just isn’t that great of quality and I know I will wear the item forever so it’s worth going for the more expensive one I love). Then I slowly build out my fall wardrobe from there based on what goes on sale and is too good of a deal not to justify and what I realize I really need (like if there are five mornings in a row where I really need a pair of camel booties and don’t have then I know the purchase will be a smart one and I’d rather get it now than when it’s the tenth morning I’ve needed the booties because the more I get to wear them, the more they justify their new place in my closet.


From top left:

Green Printed Dress

Blue Plaid Dress

Red Plaid Dress

Leopard Print Dress

Slouchy Boots

Turtleneck Sweater

Friendship Bracelets

Gold Pendant Necklace

Snakeskin Block Sandal

White Pumps

Pinstripe Top and Pants

Floral Jumpsuit

Black Dress

Blue Printed Dress

Black Booties

Ruffle Shirt

Plaid Shirt

Belt Bag

Plaid Jacket/Boyfriend Blazer

Plaid Puff Sleeve Button-Up

Sea Embroidered Lace Top

Locket Necklace

White Puff Shoulder Top

Snakeskin Booties

Checkered Jumpsuit 

Love Bracelet

Green Patent Mules


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