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The Perfect Fall Maxi Dress

by krismkoch

Sometimes you see a dress and just fall in love. It might not be your style, it might not look as good on you as it does on the tall thin model in the pic, but you just have to have it. This fall maxi dress was one of those dresses. Sometimes I buy those dresses and they look so good in the photo on the website, but not IRL and you wonder if maybe it was the model, the lighting, the pretty backdrop or way it was styled. But this fall maxi dress was just as good IRL.

There are times when I buy a dress that I love and even though it looks terrible on my body, I keep it because I just love it. I’ve been trying to do that less and less, but sometimes I just do it for fashun. In this case, I was worried this dress, with its loose shape, would overwhelm me and make me look huge because of its silhouette and length. But I was pleasantly surprised that even though I’m not super tall (to give you an idea for fit, I’m 5’7″) it still works, and I don’t actually feel like a blimp wearing it.

I wasn’t sure if this floaty fall maxi dress would be practical for city life (the vibe really works for when we’re in the country for the weekend), but I actually find with wedges or booties and maybe a structured jacket if it’s cool enough, it totally works for life at the office in the concrete jungle. Even though I tend to switch to pants come fall, I’m really loving the opportunity to ease into the cooler temps and fall fashion, with this breezy maxi dress. I plan to wear it for a bunch of upcoming kids’ birthday parties and cocktail parties as well as to work.

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