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The Cutest Fall Clothes for Toddler Boys (AKA My Back to School Shopping List for James)

by krismkoch

I can’t believe it’s already time for back to school shopping. And for us, it’s our first time back to school shopping for James. He starts preschool this fall — well, it’s more like a playdate at the preschool he’ll attend as he missed the deadline for all the Twos programs. I’m not going to lie, I’m somewhat relieved. I actually think he’d thrive in a full-time preschool, so I feel like a bad mom saying this, but I am just not ready to have a preschooler. It’s really hard to come to grips with how fast he’s growing up. However, he will be going to school starting in September, so I still get to do the fun part of it all — shop for cute clothes and backpacks and shoes for him. And luckily, he hasn’t shown strong opinions on his wardrobe thus far, so I can dress him in adorable clothes I pick out, which I’m going to milk as long as I can. To help me from going completely crazy, I put together a list of my favorite fall clothes for toddler boys. Anything else we need for James first time at school? Let me know!


From top left:

Rugby Shirt(Also love this one.)

Cord Overalls

Bear Hoodie

Checkered Button-Up


Fire Truck Shirt

Puffer Jacket

Rain Boots

Striped Sweater

Checkered Button-Up Shirt

Monogrammed Backpack

Shaggy Vest

Penny Loafers

Quilted Barn Jacket

Striped Baseball Shirt

Army Green Cords

Yellow Rain Coat

Days of the Week Socks

Dinosaur Sweatshirt


Plaid Shirt

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