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Fall Bucket List

by krismkoch
fall bucket list

At the start of summer, I created a summer bucket list, filled with everything I wanted us to do that summer. It was my way of planning out our summer so we could get the most of every moment. With the unofficial start of fall here, I’ve decided to create a fall bucket list with all the things I want to do to help us make the most of one of my favorite seasons (and before the cold sets in).

Personally, I always feel really sad when summer is over. I love fall – the cool weather, sweaters, changing leaves and all of that — but summer is such special time and fall feels like the start of something new, which is both exciting and nerve-wracking not to mention it’s goodbye to the warm carefree days at the beach and, of course, summer Fridays. So this fall bucket list is my way of getting excited for fall and making sure we make the most of it too, especially since the winter months can seem to drag on forever and who knows whether we’ll be back in lockdowns and dark pandemic days once again. Frankly, I also need a pick me up. I’ve been feeling pretty blah recently and desperate for change. I’m not sure if it’s that this summer ended up being tougher than anticipated both personally and professionally, or that I’m just eager for some change in my life. Whenever I start to feel settled in a home, community, routine, I start to yearn for change and to mix things up, and in a big way. It’s a part of my personality that I like — it propels me forward and allows me to say yes to adventures my anxiety normally would not — but it drives my husband (and I fear one day, my kids) crazy. I also think that as much as I’m yearning for change, I’m dreading the end of summer, and fearful for what fall may bring and winter. I always get in a little funk when the days are short and dark and cold, and I really don’t know if I can handle another winter of lockdowns, quarantining, and living in fear of the kids or loved ones getting sick.  

I’m trying to learn to live in the moment because honestly, that’s all I have right now and it seems the universe is forcing me to, but with school and activities started, I’m also forced to think ahead to fall. I decided to focus on things that will excite me about the arrival of fall. Plus, if last year, taught us anything, it’s to make the most of every day we have together, right? To do just that, I’ve created a fall bucket list of everything I want to do with our family this fall. I thought I’d share in case it inspires you or at least helps you find some things to fill up those long weekend days with the kids. What’s on your fall bucket list? Anything I should add? Let me know and let’s make the most of this fall!

  1. Apple picking
  2. Pumpkin picking and carving
  3. Hiking and fly fishing upstate 
  4. Learning to use our slow cooker
  5.  Dress up in family Halloween costumes and go trick or treating
  6. Throw a Halloween party for the kids
  7. Take the kids to the zoo
  8. Take cute first day of school pics with the kids on their first day
  9. Take a Thanksgiving weekend trip someplace on our bucket list
  10. Have a bonfire at Wolf Lake and make S’mores
  11. Play mini golf 
  12. Canoe rides on the lake
  13. Swim on any warm days the pool or beaches are open
  14. Go to the beach near us (which we sadly haven’t done enough this summer)
  15. Take family photos 
  16. Take kids to a baseball or football game
  17. Decorate house for fall
  18. Make a pie
  19. Hayride
  20. Visit the fall festival near us (if open)
  21. Farmer’s market
  22. Visit the family farm near us with the kids
  23. Visit antique shops 
  24. Visit the North Fork of Long Island
  25. Go to Storm King Art Center
  26. Take kids to Legoland

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