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Everyone’s Wearing: Pom Poms

by krismkoch

I’m not one for the frilly and frou frou and pom pom accents definitely qualify as both, but honestly, they’re just so much fun. Maybe it’s the long winter, but I’m totally feeling these playful little ball accents adorning everything from shoes and bags to dresses, tops, and skirts. The trick is balancing out their cutesy-ness with less well, cuteness so your look still feels sophisticated. No clue what I’m talking about? Yeah, me neither. But just check out how these street style queens make it work.

pom pom shoes


white jeans, bell sleeves, pom pom sandals, summer outfit, summer work, summer date night outfit,

luella & june

all white-summer whites-cropped flares-pom pom sandals-

style du monde

pom pom sandals-




pom pom sandals


beach resort tassles pom pom sandals


pom pom sandals-martha ward

le catch

tassles-pom poms pom pom sandals-weekend-mom style-something navy insta



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