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Everyone’s Wearing: Grey Fur

by krismkoch

It’s friggidy freezing out, so if you’re not wearing a parka, you’re wearing fur. Those are your choices. While I’m really craving a big shearling coat these days, the array of chic furs hitting the streets of NYC, where temps are ungodly cold, has me thinking about adding a fur chubby to my list. While black feels too ~fancy~ for day to day, browns are hard to get right without looking cheap or blah, and white is just not happening in New York, I’m finding myself suddenly craving an unexpected hue. Having ruled out the technicolor furs and pretty pastels I was considering last year due to my resistance to stray from anything non-neutral (tried, can’t), recently I’ve found an alternative to the classic neutrals that is both practical and chic and downtown cool, not uptown stodgy glam. I’m talking about grey, my new favorite hue, which is now the “it” color for fur it seems. Julianne Moore first turned me onto the option when she hit up the airport in quite possibly the chicest airport outfit of all time, and the more I see people in grey fur, the more I ask myself why I’m not one of them. It just makes sense in a daytime fur, and if it’s gonna continue to be this cold, isn’t it pretty much a necessity?

grey fur coat, winter outfit, how to wear a fur coat-nyfw-

the styleograph

grey fur coat, winter outfit, how to wear a fur coat


grey fur coat, winter outfit, how to wear a fur coat, joanna hillman


grey fur coat, winter outfit, how to wear a fur coat


all grey-grey fur coat-winter weekend outfit-brunch outfit-lovely pepa

lovely pepa

belted fur coat-black skinnies-french style-night out-winter weekend outfit-going out-via

they all hate us

black skinnies-white-tee-grey fur coat-winter weekend outfit-model off duty style-bianca balti-via-


cropped black pants-adidas white sneakers-stan smiths-grey shearling coat-grey sweater-winter brunch weekend outfit-


grey fur coat-all black-winter outfit-night out-giong out-


grey fur coat-black skinnies-via-

la cool and chic

grey fur coat-jeans and white cable knit sweater-weekend outfit-winter brunch outfit-via-

prosecco and plaid

grey fur coat-striped shirt-winter layers-winter weekend outfit-brunch outfit-wide brim hat-via

la cool and chic

grey fur coat-white tee-grey skinnies-ankle boots-winter weekend outfit-cofee-brunch-


sweater over shirt-converse sneakers-black sknnies-grey fur coat-black tote-model off duty style-

glam radar

olivia palermo-grey fur coat-what to wear when its freezing-high tops-sweater-ripped jeans-skinny jeans-hbz


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