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Everyone’s Wearing: Fur Shoes

by krismkoch

Yep, really. The biggest street style trend tied with frayed denim for first place at fashion month is fur. And while plenty of fur scarves, stoles, and jackets abounded in every color and incarnation, fur was popping up in some other random places as well. I spotted a few sweaters and skirts dotted with fur, there were furry nails on the runway at NYFW, but if you looked down, the biggest surprise was the abundance of fur-covered shoes. Now, obviously fur shoes are among the least practical shoes you can buy, especially if you live in NYC, where everything is filthy and you get caught in one rainstorm and you can say goodbye to those puppies. But I have to admit, while they feel a little over the top for this more practical/cynical girl, I sort of love them… at least to admire from afar.

furry shoes heels boots-yfw street stsyle-refinery 2

refinery 29

fur shoes-furry-socks-nyfw street style-ref29

refinery 29

fur shoes sneakers-rolled jeans-nyfw street style-ref29

refinery 29

nyfw street style-statement coat-printed coat-fur scarf-fur shoes-white midi skirt-beanie-black tights-ref29

refinery 29


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