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What To Wear To Easter Brunch

by krismkoch
casual Easter outfit to wear to an Easter egg hunt

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. It marks the end of winter and start of spring, and it’s the perfect excuse to wear pretty pastels and eat all my kids’ candy. I also love planning Easter egg hunts for the kids, especially now that James and Charlotte are old enough to participate. (Check out more of my favorite Easter traditions if you’re looking for some fun ways to celebrate with family.) Plus, unlike the winter holidays when everyone is getting in the way in the kitchen and the kids are all running around and breaking things, the weather is usually nice enough for all the cousins to run around outside. Pre-Covid, we always went to my in-laws for a big family Easter celebration, so it was also an excuse to look for a cute Easter outfit that I could wear again as the weather warmed up. (Basically an excuse to buy a pretty, springy Easter dress.)

I always make sure to take family photos, so I like to plan our Easter outfits in advance. While we haven’t done the match-y match-y look yet, I like us to try to coordinate at least in terms of colors. I swore I wouldn’t be that mom, but I am, and with all the time I spend hiding eggs and trying not to burn the ham, I deserve my one good family photograph, right? Since I care the most about what we wear (lol), I usually pick out my Easter outfit and then try to find coordinating outfits for the kids and make Andrew wear a shirt or tie in the same color palette. 

Even though there’s still snow on the ground, I’m hopeful it’ll be nice enough for a pretty dress by Easter. If you’re starting to think about warmer weather and wondering what to wear to Easter brunch this year, I rounded up some Easter outfit ideas. It’s a mix of dressier options in case you’re going to a socially distanced brunch or just want to dress up at home, but also a few more casual options in case you just want to be comfy while the kids run around hunting for eggs in the backyard. 

Low-Key Easter at Home 

casual easter outfit

Sweater; Joggers; Fur Slippers

Casual Easter Outfit

what to wear for Easter at home

Sweater; White Jeans; Furry mules

Easter Brunch at the Club

what to wear to easter brunch 2021

Dress; Sandals; Earrings

Outdoor Easter Egg Hunt

what to wear to an Easter egg hunt

Floral overalls; Puff sleeve top; Sneakers

Church Followed by Brunch

easter outfit ideas 2021

Dress; Sandals; Bag

Warm Weather Easter Outfit

dressy easter outfits

Dress; Sandals; Earrings

Easter Lunch at a Restaurant

what to wear to easter brunch 2021

Dress; Sandals; Bag

Dressier Easter Outfit 

easter outfits 2021

Dress; Sandals; Bag

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