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Easter Basket Stuffers for Toddlers and Babies

by krismkoch

As you know if you’ve been following along for awhile, I love holidays, and Easter is the first big one of spring and typically, the first big family get-together since December. Last year, we had just gone into lockdown and didn’t know how to celebrate holidays during Covid, so our Easter was a pretty makeshift celebration. While we still won’t be able to celebrate with our extended family this year, I’m still eager to make Easter special. Since we’ll be having a small celebration with just us, I am looking forward to embracing some of my favorite traditions, like an Easter egg hunt and hiding Easter baskets for the kids to find. I have learned my lessons from our Christmas stockings, and have already started shopping for Easter while there are still plenty of cute Easter basket stuffers for kids available. With Covid delays and everyone getting into every holiday this year, things sell out quickly, so one upside of Covid is I’ve learned to plan ahead (which on the bright side, makes holidays less stressful because I’m not running around trying to get everything done at the last minute).

I’m excited to be able to decorate our table, cook up a yummy brunch, and to set up our own Easter egg hunt, complete with the kids’ new personalized Easter baskets that I ordered long before all this. James recently learned about the Easter bunny, and I made the mistake of making him sound like Santa in an effort to get him to behave, so now he basically thinks a furry Santa is coming to bring him tons of presents. So the pressure is on when it comes to finding cute Easter basket stuffers for the kids.

I’m still trying to do most of my shopping online these days, and I’ve found lots of cute Easter basket stuffers that will all arrive in time for Easter Sunday. I like to include a mix of fun surprises like some Annie’s gummy bunnies and yes, some chocolate bunnies, a few toys that I think the kids will actually use long term (rather than the small cheap toys that provide five minute of entertainment and just add to the toy clutter), and maybe something they need like pajamas for Charlotte who is growing out of hers so fast and summer shoes for James. If you’re starting to plan for Easter, here are my favorite Easter basket stuffers for toddlers and babies.

Personalized Easter baskets for kids
Easter Basket stuffers for kids 2021
Easter Basket stuffers for toddlers and babies
Easter basket stuffers for toddlers and babies

From top left:

Pastel Easter Eggs (also got these Pastel Paper Grass)

Personalized Easter Baskets

Easter Craft Kit

Blue Gingham Pajamas (Also love these bunny pajamas that I just ordered for Charlotte and James)

Bunny Dress-Up Kit

Bunny Knit Hat (also love this adorable one)

Bunny Rattle (also available here and love this bunny teether)

Easter Baking Set

Bunny Book

Bunny Jack in the Box

Bunny and Carrots Bowling Set (also on sale here)

Unicorn Sidewalk Chalk

Monogrammed Bib

Bunny Lovey

Seersucker Bunny Ears

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